sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

Flex SDK 3.5

Ao entrar hoje no Adobe Bug System do Flex vi que tem correções para o Flex SDK 3.5 (exige login), mas olhando no site de download do Flex ainda está oferecendo o 3.4.
Acredito que logo estará disponível o SDK 3.5 para download.

Foram 23 correções
(exige login para ver mais detalhes):
  1. #1010 runtime error when repopulating datagrid dataprovider while a field is editable
  2. DataGird which contains TextInput as ItemRenderer sets focus incorrectly.
  3. DataGrid default sorting causes "Find criteria must contain at least one sort field value" RTE when some of the elements are empty
  4. DataGrid scrolls more than 1 page even if you click scroll-bar-area (=the area in the scrollbar's thumb movable)
  5. DragManager performance problem with SDK 3.2.0 and later.
  6. DragManager.showFeedback doesn't work in AIR
  7. DragManager.showFeedback doesn't work in AIR (Mac only)
  8. Embedded Fonts in DataGridHeader are cut off on right border
  9. Encoded plus sign (%2B) is decoded incorrectly in HTTPService with flashvars format
  10. Error #1063 when using a DataGrid as the dropdown in a ComboBox in Flex
  11. Focus to DataGrid causes RTE when lockedColumnCount is equal to or larger than visible column count
  12. FocusManager RTE in defaultButton scenario. was: Navigating around LiveCycle Workspace results in an ActionScript null pointer error
  13. HTTPService responders are called twice
  14. Halo ComboBox not updating dataprovider correctly after ComboBox has been opened
  15. Horizontal text overflow in Tree when vertical scrollbar hidden, shown.
  16. Inifinite Loop on FocusManager when Tabbing
  17. No data while using "Object" as "resultFormat" for Sharepoint WebService
  18. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when using a properties-File
  19. Using Window's statusBarFactory while having window children causes status bar to render incorrectly
  20. Using a TextInput as an itemRenderer in TileList or HorizontalList causes a RTE
  21. [new] You get a RTE when setting selectedItem to an invalid item [old] Using a Tree as an itemRenderer causes a RTE
  22. maxHorizontalScrollPosition exceeds max value of horizontalScrollPosition
  23. swf app in browser doesn't load due to exception in new line added to Preloader:rslCompleteHandler

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  2. Obrigado Gabriel.
    Como não foi liberado ainda como Milestone (uma cópia estabilizada) não aparece no link q indiquei.
    Lembre-se q Nightly Builds são cópias ainda em desenvolvimento/testes.